ACES LUT For Substance Painter

Brian Leleux
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January 2022: I'm a little late on this, but as of version 7.4(November 2021), Substance Painter includes OCIO support and these LUTs are no longer necessary going forward.

Painter 7.4 comes with an ACES sRGB output in the default Substance config or you can use the more complex ACES config from the AMPAS Github if needed. ACES as a tonemapping function for the viewport was also added in 7.4.1(December 2021) for the non-color managed workflows. This is essentially how the LUTs worked and all you need when texturing for Unreal, Unity, etc. For VFX artists, I highly recommend looking into OCIO so you can set up the specific transforms for your particular workflow.

Thank you to everyone that's downloaded (and donated!!!) over the last 4 years :')

July 2021: Updated the download to include a text file containing the MIT license. 

Two LUTs in .EXR format for Substance Painter(v2.5+) containing the ACES RRT and sRGB ODT to match other renderers more closely.

Both LUTs assume a sRGB working space and have no impact on the materials or textures- they are limited to Painter's viewport only.

In order to use them correctly, Painter's Log tonemapper must be enabled. Activate Post Effects and Tone Mapping, restore defaults, and set the Function to Log, then assign the Color Profile.

ACES_Standard_Log contains the default RRT and ODT and should resemble viewers using reference ACES(full and approximated) as the tonemapping operator, such as Unity and Toolbag.

ACES_UE4_Log is designed specifically with UE4 in mind and includes a similar modification on top of the standard RRT that's present in UE4*.

Thanks to the always helpful ACESCentral community and the numerous discussions on the topic. See additional images here:

*Newer versions of UE4 contain additional transforms enabled by default that are not in these LUTs. For accurate comparisons between UE4 and Painter, set Blue Correction and Expand Gamut to 0.0 in the camera or Post-Process Volume > Color Grading > Misc.

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